Using a planner for growth


Focusing on spiritual growth in our lives is essential. Without an intention to become more like our Saviour, we become stagnant and completely blind to our faults. We are instructed to work out our salvation, which does not mean that we save ourselves, absolutely not! Rather, we are to listen and obey, continually striving to […]

Book Review: For We Are Known

When Michelle asked me to review her Bible study journal, “For we are Known,” I was delighted. It came after a rough week of learning purposeful gratitude. I often get overwhelmed with getting things done. I have lots of ideas, lots of inspiring thoughts, and a very deep inner life, but very little of it […]

Moms need copywork, too

My life is filled with meal preparation and laundry, squabbles, cleaning, teaching, and even a few meaningful conversations. Often, each day runs into the next, and monotony can set in. We learn to be very efficient at what we do, but we never challenge ourselves, or question the deep issues of life. We might get […]

Healing and the great commands


I used to have a much different view of healing than I do now. Thanks to exposure to certain teachers, I believed that physical ailments were a direct result of my sin. Healing could be acquired by repenting of my sins and praying with full belief that God could heal me. This sounds very Biblical, […]

The thankful and the complainers


I think we might divide up all the people in the world into two classes- the complainers and the thankful. Which one are you? Which am I? – Elisabeth Elliot We all know the importance of being thankful. The Bible is full of instructions to be grateful. One of our national holidays is devoted to […]

Questions for Bible study

bible study

When I was a teenager traveling around teaching Bible clubs, it seemed a lot easier to spend time in the Bible and journal about what I learned. I enjoyed spending that quiet time in my room after teaching clubs all day. Now that I have seven noisy children, I tend to fall into bed at […]

A visual way to study the Bible

I have shared in the past several ways to study the Bible. It can be easy to read a chapter in Scripture and not really grasp what you just read. When I was young, and the Old Testament was simply a house for stories like Jonah, Daniel, and Father Abraham, it was easy to read […]

Insights from Proverbs 3:1-8

This is a screenshot from my logos Bible app on my tablet, which I love! I am enjoying the many options in marking the text. It helps me to visually make connections that I wouldn’t see with just reading the text. So, I marked the verses with zigzaggy orange boxes for blessings. Yes, zigzaggy is […]

Great Bible passages for reading aloud


Do you ever struggle with what to read with your family during Bible time? Perhaps you just finished a book study or it’s Friday night and you want to share something meaningful with your kids. Bookmark this post and get ready for some classic passages. Exodus 20 The Ten Commandments are our foundation for understanding […]

Scripture coloring pages

As I have talked about before, it is so important to find ways to bring Scripture into your everyday life. We are commanded in Deuteronomy to post Scripture on the doorposts of our home. What better way to meditate on and surround ourselves with Scripture than to color and hang Scripture on the wall? These […]