Building our homes–learning from Nehemiah ch. 4


Nehemiah and the many people building with him had managed to build the wall up to half its height. But now the trouble came. Please take the time to read Nehemiah ch. 4. People began to jeer and mock. They called the job impossible. They laughed at Nehemiah’s efforts. They even gathered together to fight […]

Copywork basics

We don’t use 100% Charlotte Mason methods, but our homeschool has been heavily influenced by her ideas. Copywork is a fundamental of her approach to language skills. So, today I’d like to talk a bit about copywork, how to approach it, what it accomplishes, and how to best make use of our copywork books. What […]

Creating my birth sukkah 3

This has been a week of revelations and deep introspection. This baby has been very quiet compared to my other babies, and it was easy to begin to worry. It was easy to get caught up in making sure I do the right exercises, take the right supplements, eat the right food. I knew I […]

Building our homes–Lessons from Nehemiah ch. 3


Nehemiah had surveyed the wall. He was prepared for the opposition. Now it was time to build. But Nehemiah did not do it alone. Each gate or section of the wall was built by a separate group or family. Each group worked at the same time so that the wall grew in record time. The […]

Shabbat Shalom video

We had fun putting together these “sleeping” pictures for you! Enjoy your rest this Shabbat!

Building our homes – Lessons from Nehemiah – ch. 2:9-20


Nehemiah arrived in Jerusalem and immediately met with opposition. Sanballat and Tobiah were greatly displeased that anyone would dare to come and check on the people of Israel. As a result, Nehemiah wisely kept his intentions to himself. The first thing he did was secretly survey the situation. This involved going out at night to […]

Mothers – to be or not to be

  I recently came across an article that left many people upset in its wake. It was written by an Amy Glass and summarized her feelings about marriage and child raising. I haven’t linked to it here, partly because it is nothing but filthy nonsense, and partly because I don’t want to spend hours trying […]

Building our Homes – Lessons from Nehemiah – ch 2:1-8


Last time we looked at Nehemiah, we spent some time in prayer and repentance. We asked YHVH to bless us in our next step, but we didn’t know what that next step would be. Yet. In the month of Nisan, in the twentieth year of King Artaxerxes, when wine was before him, I took up […]

Creating my birth sukkah – 2

Gramma and I got quite a bit done on my birth sukkah this week! I really wanted to create the atmosphere of a tent. Also, we’re working in a garage with building materials leaning against the walls and a concrete floor. Translation: lots of things to hide. Answer: curtains! Please forgive my not so perfect […]

Building our Homes – Lessons from Nehemiah – chapter 1


 The words of Nehemiah the son of Hacaliah. Now it happened in the month of Chislev, in the twentieth year, as I was in Susa the citadel,  that Hanani, one of my brothers, came with certain men from Judah. And I asked them concerning the Jews who escaped, who had survived the exile, and concerning […]