Creating my birth sukkah – 1

Just a warning: This post and the ones following in this series will probably only be of interest to women that are pregnant or plan to have more children. A big sorry to the rest of you, but, hey! This is where I’m at right now! Birth is one of those experiences where the more […]

Building our Homes–Lessons from Nehemiah–Introduction


Not too long ago, my daughter asked me, “Why are we here?” It’s the age old, meaning of life, purpose, wondering what our lives are really about. I have pondered this often myself. It is sometimes hard to see any purpose in life when we see ourselves eating, sleeping, and doing chores over and over […]

Finding a constant in a crazy world

I’ve had a very emotional week. I’m five months pregnant, and that’s not an excuse. It’s a reason. Some things you might understand. There are other things that I wouldn’t even attempt to explain to the mouse in my pocket. After spending half an hour crying and praying while hiding behind the clothes in my […]

Incident report forms

We had the most hilarious and inspiring parenting incident not too long ago, and it was all inspired by a facebook post. I read this clever idea of requiring incident report forms when a child wants to tell on another child. I did not have a chance to make up some official forms before an […]

No Christmas – Now what?

My recent post on Christmas got an overwhelming response. Over 1000 people saw the post on facebook. It was shared over 20 times. I am grateful for all the comments that were shared. Many of them were in disagreement, but that’s ok, too. I am thankful for opposing arguments that I can check and research. […]

Book Review – Planning a Successful Sabbath

Planning a Successful Sabbath The book review I am doing today has me very excited! I hope it will meet a need for many of you. As you can tell from the title, it’s about Shabbat. But it is unique in that it is specifically written for single moms. Single moms are in the position […]

Movie Review – Belle and the Beast

It’s time for another movie review! I’m going to explore a rather different genre today, that of Christian romance. I decided to review this movie because it provided quite a bit of unexpected discussion in our home, especially considering I originally rented this movie for me. 🙂 So, on to the review! Belle and the […]

Tassels on skirts

I shared a picture of my tzitziyot on facebook yesterday. Here’s the pic. This method has worked really well for me for a long time. I can pin all four tassels on at one time. But a lovely lady (thank you, Anne) asked if the Hebrew would indicate that they should be in four different […]

Time for repentance

My husband, being a pilot, looks up at the sky a lot, and always has. Lately, he has seen some interesting and perhaps alarming things. It has also become quite clear that as we look around us, troubling times are ahead. YHVH tests and judges His people first, before He deals with the world. I’ll […]

Pinterest or Polaroid?

I enjoy spending some time on pinterest occasionally. I love looking at the delicious prepared meals and the perfectly decorated rooms. Many bloggers also have a wonderful ability to get lovely photographs, you know, the ones where their children are immaculate and dressed in coordinating outfits. It’s easy to look at these staged photos and […]