Hebrew learning

We love the Hebrew language! It is the first language, and the language of the Creator! We feel that immersion is the best method of learning a new language, so we all learn together as a family. We have tried to replace common words in our home, or at least use the Hebrew and English simultaneously. On this page you will find our Hebrew vocabulary cards. They have helped build our vocabulary of nouns.

Hebrew vocab set 1




Hebrew vocabulary set 1

This set includes hat, storm, tortoise, fish, egg, bread, dog, banana.

Hebrew vocabulary set 2

This set includes words about Pesach, or Passover.

Get a free set of 16 Hebrew flashcards when you sign up below! They feature 8 words starting with aleph, and 8 words starting with bet.

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Hebrew copywork

DSC01534Travel through Psalm 119 as you learn the aleph bet and over 150 Hebrew words. The copywork book includes  letter practice, Scripture copywork, Hebrew words and coloring pages.

Corresponding flashcards are here!

Click here for printable flashcards

Click here for laminated flashcards

Click here for Psalm 119 copywork

Click here for printable Psalm 119 copywork

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Biblical Hebrew high school course

We have now located an entire two year high school curriculum to teach children Biblical Hebrew. The course includes all textbooks as well as supporting materials such as music and videos.

Biblical Hebrew: A Homeschool Primer

Hebrew Geosafari cards

We are really enjoying our Geosafari laptop! Of course, I had to make a card the day it arrived, and it was a Hebrew card. We picked up our laptop on ebay, and you can also get them new at amazon. These cards are in PDF and ready to print and cut out. Be sure to print them actual size, not fit to page. (I started with the templates found at donnayoung.)

Hebrew pets

Hebrew Resources

Need more help learning Hebrew? Here are some resources that we have found helpful at our house.

Read Hebrew Today – Evonne Mandella has put together some wonderful products that will help you begin reading Hebrew, simple and effective.

My Hebrew Dictionary – Sign up for free emails and get new Hebrew words in your inbox.

My Hebrew Picture Dictionary – This site has pictures, Hebrew words, transliteration and English. You can even hear the word pronounced. These are all nouns typically found in everyday life.

Biblical Hebrew Picture Dictionary – This online dictionary has a large number of biblical words with definitions and pictures. Check it out!

Cartoon Hebrew – This is a really cute way to learn your Hebrew letters.

Aleph bet coloring pages – Each letter has pictures that start with that letter, very attractive.

Our favorite Hebrew videos on Youtube





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