Rubber boot homeschool week #7

homeschool spontaneity

This week I would like to write about spontaneity. Homeschooling is a beautiful thing, because it allows for spontaneity. We are commanded to teach our children when they rise up, when they lie down, when they walk in the way. Torah is what we are to teach, but as I have been learning, Torah touches […]

Rubber boot homeschool week 6

We are back from two weeks vacation for feasts. It was a rather average week, but I’m learning that there is something to learn and something to share even during the average weeks. Here are some things we did on the homeschool front this week. Geography We have been learning about the seven continents. We […]

Rubber boot homeschool week #5

Wow, we have already finished a month of school! I hope you are enjoying these posts. It has been very good for me to write them, for several reasons. I have to have something to write about, so I don’t get lazy. I take pics. I usually have to have a reason to do this. […]

Rubber boot homeschool week #4

We had a shorter week to allow time for Feast of Trumpets.It was a week of learning to be flexible and a week of learning to be strict. I learned to be flexible in science class. We moved to the couch so everyone could cuddle and see the pictures. I also decided to rearrange the […]

Rubber boot homeschool week #3

It was nice to get back to a relatively normal school routine this week. Last week, I felt like I was up to my ears in hot dogs and jerky. Nearly 50 lbs later, the butchering is all done. Toddler Highlight The little people in our house get to be part of the fun, too. […]

Rubber boot homeschool week #2

This has been a very interesting week. We had to get through our bookwork by lunch every day, because the afternoons were full of other jobs that needed to be done. You saw last week that we slaughtered a sheep. Normally, we would do this on a Sunday, work hard for about six hours, and […]

Homeschool 2011-2012 Week 1

Isn’t that an awful title? I’ll try to be more creative next time. So we had our first week of school this week. I could say it went well, or I could say it didn’t go so well. I think mostly it was about learning to work with life in the middle of school. I […]

Homeschooling tip: online resource organizing

If someone asked me what curriculum I use to homeschool my kids, I might be tempted to answer “PDF.”  I admit, I use alot of resources I find online.  I have dialup, so that rules out video, but it still leaves a whole lot of PDF.  So how do I keep track of all these […]

Reading Readiness


How do I know if my child is ready to learn to read?  Is three too young?  Is six too late?  I tortured myself over this with my first and have since learned ways to watch an individual child to see if they can handle learning to read.  I would like to share a little […]

Homeschool philosophy – my roots

First, I must admit that I did spend some time in public school.  But when my mom found out that homeschooling was legal, those years became a distant memory.  She went to a homeschool conference and came home with our books on order.  She sent a letter to the superintendent to pull us out of […]