Praying long term


Prayer changes things. You have probably seen amazing answers to prayer in your own life. But, what happens when the answer doesn’t come as quickly as we would like? What do we do then? Let’s talk about it. It’s easy to pray a quick prayer and see an answer. It’s not too hard to pray […]

Sunshine and rain

sunshine and rain

**This post contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. Have you ever woke up in the morning, looked out the window to see storm clouds and rain, and then snuggled right back in under the blankets? Yeah, me too. The weather can have a […]

A prayer of confession for Yom Kippur


I came across this prayer in Philip Goodman’s “The Yom Kippur Anthology.” I read it aloud on Yom Kippur and barely got through it because I was crying so hard. It is quite a lengthy prayer, but has a way of putting us face to face with our sin, and the seriousness of it. I […]

10 ways to love your children

Scripture teaches us to not only love our neighbor, but to love our children. The relationships we build in our home are perhaps the most important ones we will ever build. A child with a secure connection to their parents has a much easier time trusting and obeying them, and by extension, learns to trust […]

Nature study for moms

Nature study for moms

I have always enjoyed taking walks with my kids and teaching them the names of the flowers. Nature study is an integral part of many homeschools. We call it science. It can be as simple as taking walks outside with our kids and talking about what we see. It can be as complex as keeping […]

Healing and the great commands


I used to have a much different view of healing than I do now. Thanks to exposure to certain teachers, I believed that physical ailments were a direct result of my sin. Healing could be acquired by repenting of my sins and praying with full belief that God could heal me. This sounds very Biblical, […]

The thankful and the complainers


I think we might divide up all the people in the world into two classes- the complainers and the thankful. Which one are you? Which am I? – Elisabeth Elliot We all know the importance of being thankful. The Bible is full of instructions to be grateful. One of our national holidays is devoted to […]

How do we measure homeschool success?

homeschool success

We can all agree that we want to be successful as homeschool families. We want to know that our investment in our children’s lives has paid off. We want to know that we are on the right track in our endeavor to prepare our children for adulthood. While success will look different in every family, […]

Torah Family Living Planner


We all want to remember everything we are supposed to do and show up for everyday. Our poor brains sometimes have a hard time. Some people use digital methods to keep track of everything. Personally, I get tired of my battery dying, or something going wrong with technology. So, I still use an old-fashioned paper […]

Practical niddah


UPDATED! I wrote the bottom portion of this post on niddah back in 2012. Since then, my husband and I have grown in our understanding of niddah, and I want to show you what we have learned. But, I don’t want to delete those original thoughts because they were part of my journey, and I […]