What a migraine headache taught me about sin

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A couple weeks ago, I developed a migraine headache. It was the kind that causes nausea and vomiting. I couldn’t handle the light, noise, well, I couldn’t handle anything. For me, a headache is the worst kind of pain. Did you ever think about how your entire consciousness is in your head, and the rest […]

10 days of heart issues–Pray Daniel’s prayer

  Reprint from July 2012 We often think of Daniel as a man who had things right. He didn’t have any need for confession, right? Yet, that is exactly what we find him doing in Daniel chapter 9. Pray Daniel’s prayer And I set my face unto the Lord God, to seek by prayer and […]

10 days of heart issues- Take the blame

(Reprint from July 2012) Take the blame Who threw the kickball on the roof? “Not me!” “Not me!” “It was Noah!” “Guys, Noah can’t even walk yet!” Nobody wants to take the blame, if our children are any example. But last time I checked, none of us is perfect. Now, more than ever, we need […]

10 days of heart issues ~ Be quiet


(Reprint from July 2012) Be quiet We live in a very loud and busy world. Many people spend their whole lives going from here to there and never having a deeper thought than asking what’s for dinner. The silence is scary. We want to enjoy the ripples on top of the pond that is our […]

10 days of heart issues ~ Tell the truth


(Reprint from July 2012) Welcome to 10 days of heart issues. We’re going to spend some time digging a little deeper. Look beneath the surface and begin to clean out some things that were going unseen. I would encourage you to get a little notebook and write down your thoughts, the things you discover, your […]

10 days of heart issues – question everything

Question everything What I am going to say in this post will probably not be well received. But I firmly believe it, so here goes. 🙂 Many of us were raised to trust the status quo, to believe what we are taught, to not get too curious. But one day YHVH showed me that truth […]

10 days of heart issues – Let go of some stuff

Let go of some stuff What does that have to do with heart issues? Well, a lot! All that stuff which you are so blessed to possess actually affects you in a very deep way. You clean it and sort it and organize it and fret when it isn’t organized and cry when it gets […]

When the washer breaks

My dryer broke awhile back, and I was without a dryer for several months. I got very good at drying my clothes even on rainy or winter days. I sometimes use my dryer, but I am very thankful for the skills and setup needed to dry my clothes without electricity. But somehow, it never occurred […]

10 days of heart issues – Be grateful

Be grateful Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, and into His courts with praise: be thankful unto Him, and bless His name.     Psalm 100:4  We all know that we are supposed to be grateful, but sometimes it is easy to forget. We dwell on the problems and struggles, but we don’t see the good. I thought it […]

10 days of heart issues–Study Psalm 119

Study Psalm 119 In the way of your testimonies I delight as much as in all riches. (Psa 119:14) Why study Psalm 119? Because as you learn more of Torah, you learn more of YHVH. As you delight in His righteous rules, you delight in Him. Psalm 119 hardly misses a verse without mentioning His […]