Help me understand Torah

It has been said that it would take 70 years to get a good grasp on the Torah, and I would argue that it could take much longer than that. We are always learning and growing. We recommend learning from many sources. Each person has something to bring to the table. We hope the following list will help you in your lifelong journey of understanding the Torah.

Torah portion teachings

These sites have teachings for each Torah portion. We have used many of them and grew in our understanding as a result.

Torah family bookstore

While you don’t have to spend money to learn, there are some wonderful resources available out there. Our amazon bookstore has a selection of handpicked resources that will get you started. We have also included some fun children’s items and cookbooks. If you order through our store, we receive a small percentage of the sale. We are thankful for your support.

Torah articles

Here you will find a collection of articles simply about Torah, and some about our love for Israel.

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