Practical niddah


UPDATED! I wrote the bottom portion of this post on niddah back in 2012. Since then, my husband and I have grown in our understanding of niddah, and I want to show you what we have learned. But, I don’t want to delete those original thoughts because they were part of my journey, and I […]

Our India box

We had a delightful time this afternoon making an “India” box. We will put our change in it, and then send the money to GCGM orphanage in India.     We started with a box from dishwasher detergent packs. Then the kids drew pictures of things that make them think of India. We have tigers, […]

My top ten aspie tips

I know my blog is mostly about Torah Family Living, but asperger’s syndrome has become an integral part of our lives, and I know the same is true for many of you. We have been working with this whole asperger thing for about a year now, and have found some things that work. I hope […]

When niddah comes to call part 2

I’m lying in a strange bed watching a romantic movie by myself crying my eyes out. Yes, niddah has come to call again. I want to feel my husband’s embrace. I want to sleep in the same bed. But I must choose. Will I choose to fulfill my physical desires? Or will I choose to […]

When the washer breaks

My dryer broke awhile back, and I was without a dryer for several months. I got very good at drying my clothes even on rainy or winter days. I sometimes use my dryer, but I am very thankful for the skills and setup needed to dry my clothes without electricity. But somehow, it never occurred […]

When niddah comes to call

              When my husband and I were engaged, we did not touch and we were never alone. The slightest brush, a tap of the foot under the table, were cherished and remembered with delight. In the absence of physical contact, we learned to communicate. We became the best of […]

Lacto fermented heaven

Okay, I’m not a complete foreigner to lacto fermented food. I’ve made the occasional jar of lacto fermented pickles with a recipe from Nourishing Traditions. This is a great cookbook. But, to be frank, I find many of those recipes a bit unrealistic for a modern family of kids who like fun food. I don’t […]

Am I mom enough?


This question has been popping up all over the internet as people respond to the recent TIME article about attachment parenting. I can’t help but evaluate myself with the same question. So, am I mom enough? Yes. Is it because I breastfeed my babies?  No. Is it because I homeschool my children?  No. Is it […]

Emotions, who needs ’em?


As much as I would sometimes like them to disappear entirely, emotions are a very real part of our lives. We feel angry, sad, elated, silly, anxious, relieved, the list goes on. Why do we have emotions? Why do we feel guilty for having them? What does Torah say? I was raised in a Baptist […]

Team Cooper

I love seeing my family work as a team. In Torah, the most important unit is the family. We must work together effectively as a strong family. So we look for every opportunity to practice. This evening, I needed to bring the flock back in from the front pasture. This can be done alone, but […]