Have you judged someone today?

Edited to add: Please read to the end for the rest of the story. YHVH is indeed faithful. It could be like coffee for some people, the need to judge other people’s motives and actions. It’s an important job really! We need to determine in our hearts what is wrong with other people, so we […]

At our house

When you hear a redwinged blackbird sing, you know everything will be okay. This was our front yard only a few days ago. Everything was white and getting to the barn involved a knee deep trek. Doug had some difficulties in the wonderful world of aviation, and we used the tractor to tow his truck […]

Decluttering is a sacrifice

I just put 5 more trash bags in Doug’s truck, all full of clothes to donate. We went through the boy’s room this morning. Right after breakfast, I began by pulling all the clothes out into the living room. We sorted it into piles and then Isaac began helping me go through his clothes. He […]

At our house

How about a little peek into my house of late? Life is good! YHVH is faithful! I have been thinking much lately about living on purpose. We are to bear our Creator’s image, which is often hard to do if we are surrounded by stuff. For several weeks, I have been trying to prepare for […]

In this moment…

I’ve made myself a cup of tea as I wait for the woodstove to get burning good again. I don’t want the house to get cold during the night. Next to me Sadie is finally sleeping. She came down with the flu today. At first I thought she was just being shy because we had […]

How to rejoice when the car gets fixed

I thought everyone would like to know that my van is fixed! I now have power steering again. The really exciting part is that I fixed it myself. I am not in the habit of fixing cars, or even checking fluid and changing tires. But I do hand over wrenches quite nicely, so I felt […]

How to rejoice when the car breaks down

When the unexpected happens, it is hard to rejoice. It is hard to be happy when you pull into a parking lot and discover that you have no steering. That is what happened to me today. But, Praise Yah, He helped me to rejoice in the middle of it. This morning, Doug had the great […]

An incredible day

I would love to do another post on previous birth experiences, so you would completely understand how incredible this birth was. But I like to keep my blog a relatively positive place, so I’ll keep it brief. I have had many false alarms, lasting days at a time, 2 c-sections, 3 transfers to the hospital, […]