What I believe about creation, and why it matters

I think I will start by simply saying that I have believed in a flat earth for many years. I have kept it to myself, even though I have studied the topic extensively and am very committed in my belief. As I was talking to my husband the other evening, I realized that I often hide behind the Biblical teaching that there is wisdom in silence, not to be wise, but out of fear. Hot topics and controversy scare me. Yet, throughout Scripture, we are taught to be bold, stand strong, etc. So, today, I am choosing to be bold and write about a topic that I see very clearly in Scripture. It will likely be followed by other topics.

Image by Sathish kumar Periyasamy from Pixabay

Why does it matter?

The shape of the earth is seen by many as inconsequential. Who cares whether it is flat or round or held up by a turtle? We should care because creation is discussed extensively in Scripture. If a topic is in my Bible, especially frequently, then I need to care about it. Often, a subject will come up in our lives, and if we are wise, we will check Scripture to find the truth.

When my sister started talking about a seventh day Sabbath over 14 years ago, I went to my Bible to prove her wrong. It took ten minutes of study to realize that the Sabbath had never been changed to Sunday, and I needed to be obeying this command. Our family started keeping the Sabbath shortly afterwards.

When a friend of mine shared several Scriptures on the nature of Earth, I did my due diligence to see what my Bible actually said. I discovered that the Earth was described as a flat circle, a fixed body on a solid foundation, and a stationary system. At first, I didn’t know what to think. I had seen a globe on a stand in the classroom when I was little. I had taught my children about the rotation of the celestial bodies. But, as I pondered and prayed, I came to a different conclusion.

Flat earth shows a loving Creator

My husband’s first tongue in cheek description of a flat earth model was basically, “So, we’re living in a petrie dish.” He wasn’t terribly fond of the idea at first. There are two sides to every coin, however. My husband, for example, decided to go beyond his Bachelors of Science, and trust what the Bible says. As we studied together, we discovered how a flat earth demonstrates a loving Creator.

A closed system means that we are safe and protected within the home that our Heavenly Father lovingly created for us. His throne is just above, and yes, hell is far beneath our feet. We will never fear an alien attack. We are literally and figuratively safe beneath the shadow of His wings. In fact, creation is described as a tent, a gigantic sukkah for us to live in and learn more about our Creator. We are not spinning at crazy speeds hurling through space. We are settled at the feet of our Father.

Image by Marcel Langthim from Pixabay

Why the controversy?

I will be sharing a video below which I found to be a great blessing. He talks about how odd it is that Bible believers and creation advocates suddenly summon tremendous anger and hate when facing a “flat earther.” Why is that? If we are on a journey to learn all we can about Scripture and follow YHVH as we learn more, why would we confront an idea founded in Scripture with such contempt?

We are now all too familiar with “fact checkers.” They have actually begun to serve as a gauge for truth. If a post gets slapped with a “fact check,” it is almost certainly true. Is that what we are seeing when people talk about a flat earth? Have we been so engrained with a particular way of thinking that any concept of creation that counters it is immediately considered a threat?

Start asking questions

I am not writing this post to force you to believe in a flat earth. I am personally feeling that YHVH wants me to be more brave and speak truth, even when it comes across as controversial. Rather, I want you to ask yourself some questions.

  • What does the Bible say about this?
  • What can I observe around me?
  • What would change about my faith or my spiritual maturity if I looked at a different view of earth?
  • If I am feeling aggressive and hostile about this topic, why?

I can’t answer these questions for you. I had to spend hours and hours in prayer and study to come to my own conclusions. I want the same for you. Even if you come to different conclusions, I pray that you can say you own your beliefs after thoroughly testing, studying, and praying for yourself.

Image by Godsgirl_madi from Pixabay

This is just one topic of many that we need to bring under the microscope. We have lived in a predominantly evil world. We have been taught lies, deceptions, and acceptance of whatever we are presented. It is time that we, as YHVH’s set-apart people, test each of our beliefs to see if they hold up when compared to Scripture. Are we brave enough to be honest with ourselves? Are we brave enough to set aside our long-held beliefs that fail the litmus test of Scripture?

Here is a free PDF with hundreds of verses to help you get started with your studies. Please take the time to study so that you can come to your own solid conclusions.

Again, I bring up your view of the Earth as a starting point. If you are more than a casual visitor of this site, you have likely already realized that the whole Bible applies. You are probably keeping Sabbath and the feasts, eating kosher, caring for widows and orphans, reading the Torah portions, etc. As believers, our journey must also include sifting our beliefs about such varied topics as family, economics, charity, and yes, even our view of creation.

As you will see in the video below, the pastor talks about people who were brought to faith through a flat earth view of creation. If I can help even one person either come to faith in Yeshua, or strengthen their faith, then I will be glad that I chose to be brave.

In closing, you are most welcome to ask questions in the comments. Many people have documented their research on youtube and other places. If you are just in a mood to be nasty, I am asking you to refrain. I have tried very hard to present this topic in a spirit of love and I ask you to comment in that same spirit.

Edited to add: Since writing this post, I was directed to a video series about flat earth. It represents an exceptional amount of research. I have viewed all of the videos, most multiple times. However, I want to provide the following disclaimer. Please use common sense. If something is presented that doesn’t set well, research further. You may find it to be true, or you may need to throw it out. That’s okay. It’s good for us to test what we come across, remembering that we are human, and none of us have things 100% right. That being said, I am still thrilled to share this series. There was very little that I had to throw out. One more disclaimer: Since he also covers the history of why we have been presented with an exclusively global view since childhood, some of the videos are for adults only. Please preview before sharing with your children. ***Part 7 is absolutely for adults only, since it covers pizza gate.

***My apologies for those of you who were working through the videos and then had trouble. I discovered that the videos were removed from youtube, but I was able to find reposts on rumble, which I have posted below.

Part One: Turning Inwards

Part Two: Of Maps and Magicians

Part Three: Flattening the Curve

Part Four: Vanishing Points and the Old Clock

Part Five: The Red Shield

Part Six: Infiltration instead of Invasion

Part Seven: Eyes Wide Open (Pizza gate, viewer discretion please)

Link to video on rumble, unable to embed directly due to adult content: https://rumble.com/vikm7d-what-on-earth-happened-part-seven-ewaranon-re-upload.html

Part Eight: The Looking Glass

Part Nine: Panic!

Part Ten: The Energetic Earth

Part Eleven: The Bumblebee and the Hexagon

Part Twelve: Stranger than Fiction

Part Thirteen: Down the Rabbit Hole

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2 Responses

  1. i was so happy to read this, Heidi. I have also believed in a flat earth for many years and like you have kept quite about it. I have feared rejection and ridcule. However, After reading this post, I think I will start sharing my beliefs, in love, when the occasion arises. thank you for this post!

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