Shabbat Q & A – some tips on making Shabbat run a little smoother.

Shabbat snacks – ideas for keeping everyone full on Shabbat

Shabbat activities – scavenger hunt


Feast Days

Mount Sinai cake for Shavuot 

The wonder of the feasts

Yom Kippur 2012

Sukkot, the feast of vulnerability

Yom Teruah 2012


Torah in everyday life

Torah and diet – a look at kosher as it applies to vitamins, special diets, etc.

Torah home management – routine – a look at the value of routine in family life.

Can we obey 98% of the time?

Praying the Amidah

Character training – a look at what really goes into character training

What is Torah family living?

How to rejoice when the car breaks down and How to rejoice when the car gets fixed

Why we keep Torah – a humorous but poignant view

We Stand with Israel

What about tzitziyot?

Humble thyself



Character training – a look at what really goes into character training

Torah parenting – Adam and Eve

Torah parenting – Cain and Abel

Torah parenting – Noah

Torah parenting – The Tower of Babel

Show your love – great hands on ideas

My Courtship Guidelines – the rules my husband and I followed before we were married

The womb – and all the blessings that go along with it

An incredible day – the amazing story of my Noah Ephraim’s birth, Praise Yah!

Am I mom enough?

Kid friendly niddah laws?



Psalm 37:3 – hebrew word study

Psalm 37:4 – hebrew word study

Psalm 37:6 – hebrew word study

Psalm 37:7 – hebrew word study

Psalm 17:8 – hens and chicks and love

Stamp thine own image



The power of a wife

Practical niddah

When niddah comes to call part 1

When niddah comes to call part 2



Check out our articles on homeschooling on this page!

You may also want to check out the resources at Currclick, we have fun there lol!

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